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  • Establish a plan to strengthen your overall financial portfolio
  • Develop personalized objectives to reduce debt
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  • Benefits of the Lighthouse Program

    For many military families and veterans, the demands of military service can be hard on a budget. Fortunately, Veterans United Lighthouse Program works hard to help you establish a solid foundation for financial success.

    Our trained and dedicated consultants will work with you to identify an attainable plan to better position you for homeownership. This, coupled with our online platform customized to fit your unique situation, are all available to you at no cost.

    logoNo Cost to You

    Our company is focused on helping veterans. That's why our service is free to service members and veterans.

    logoLive Consultants

    You'll work one on one with a personal consultant who will partner with you to achieve your dream of owning your home.

    logoOnline Resources

    We provide you with all the tools you need to take control of your financial well being.

    logoExpert Knowledge

    With our knowledge of credit, budgeting and everything in between, we can get the job done.

  • Thousands of Satisfied Clients to Date

    Every day, Veterans United Lighthouse consultants get to help change the lives of those who served our nation. By lighting the way for future financial success, we're not only helping people like you buy a home today, but we're also establishing a strong foundation for long term financial wellness.

    To date, Veterans United Lighthouse Program has helped more than 2,000 families improve their finances and buy a home. See their stories and other Veterans United customers here.

  • Strengthening Your Finances

    Having an understanding of what can help or hurt your credit is often the first step to improving your financial well being. Our consultants have seen it all and are standing by to provide tips to ensure you get back on track to buying a home.

    A majority of our clients are able to see improvements quickly after applying the lessons they've learned from the Lighthouse Program.

    logoAvoid Late Payments

    Perhaps the most effective prevention method to ensure strong credit

    logoLeave a Paper Trail

    Pay rent or other monthly bills with electronic bill pay instead of cash.

    logoBe Aware of Limits

    Try to keep your credit card balance under 50 percent of the card limit.

    logoKnow your Report

    Review your report for any incorrect information and dispute necessary items.

  • #1 Loan for Military Home Buyers

    The VA Loan's many advantages make it one of the most appealing paths to home ownership - and it's a benefit reserved exclusively to those who served our country.

    When combined, the benefits of the VA Loan allow service members and veterans to take advantage of substantial cost savings under qualification requirements designed specifically for members of the military.

    logoLower Payments

    No private mortgage insurance and low, competitive rates mean lower monthly payments.

    logo0% Down

    The VA Loan is one of the only home loans available today with this money-saving benefit.

    logoEasier to Qualify

    80 percent of veterans and service members can't qualify for a conventional loan.

    logoFirst-Time Buyers

    The VA Loan program is also optimal for first-time homebuyers. More Information

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The Hoard Family

The Deyarmin Family

The Deyarmin family has a motto: "If you're going to fall, fall forward." When mounting medical bills knocked the family down, they moved forward and got back up. Now, with the help of the Lighthouse Program, the family is proud to have a place to call home.
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The Jacksons

William Peay, Army Veteran

Moving around the country in search of a well-paying job did a number on William Peay's finances. So much so that many lenders couldn't help him get affordable payments for a house. Fortunately for William, the Lighthouse Program made a world of difference.
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The Others

The Foster Family

While deployed, credit card bills piled up. Upon returning home, however, is when the true consequence of those missed payments became evident: poor credit. Through the Lighthouse Program, the Fosters quickly got back on track to owning their dream home.
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